Tired of the continuous problems of maintaining a safe place to work using existing barrier options - barriers that break, fall down or blow away to cause mess and waste in the environment?

Barriers are a key requirement of Health and Safety Regulations. The Z Barrier System provides an effective solution that guarantees satisfactory barrier control in any work environment.

"Z Barriers" are a patent design that ensure warning barriers are prominent and remain in position, for all physical and environmental conditions. Quick and easy to put up, they are easily fastened to any anchor point or each other, providing a flexible barrier across openings, around objects or different directions. Elastic properties allow Z Barriers to expand and fit between points instead of being cut to length. They are inherently shock absorbing and resist any degree of wind load to prevent damage. They can be lifted or pressed down where access is required, and will immediately return to the original position they were put in. When finished with, Z Barriers can be collapsed easily for tidy, compact storage or suspended at access points ready for use.

"Z Barriers"

Z Barriers have been designed with unique reinforced PVC based warning tape. Z Barriers are the only product available with this high visibility day and night tape.

The Z Barrier System is the most innovative improvement in safety barriers especially suited for industrial locations onshore or offshore. The design is principally to provide more visible and secure barriers to control safety from hazards. Additionally its material and shock-absorbing properties make it extremely robust in exposed locations like offshore oil platforms, shipping and onshore industrial sites. It provides a tidy and re-useable system that avoids environmental waste or the use of tie wraps etc. The self-tensioning barriers stay level where they can be seen avoiding the sag and breakage of conventional options. Barriers are easily joined together to form different lengths and boundaries.

The new extreme Z Barrier offers some of the following advantages:

  • Single / continuous warning strips on all sizes of barrier.
    • + 1m extending to +2m
    • + 2m extending to +4m
    • + 3m extending to +6m
  • Totally flexible reinforced PVC warning strip for resistance in extreme weather and handling conditions.
  • Unique double sided warning pattern with Red / White and Night Reflecting pattern on one face, and Day Glow pattern on opposite face, making these the most visible safety barriers available.
  • Smooth action cord grips for adjustment.

Barrier Sign Pockets

PVC Sign Pockets - The A4 PVC barrier pocket incorporates stiffening with clear front and opaque back. The pocket is designed to hold any warning message on A4 paper or card from a standard printer. The red background creates a contrasting border to give the sign extra prominence. We supply warning sign templates with all sign pocket orders.

The sign pocket has a press together red line zip on the bottom edge that prevents water ingress and keeps the safety notice secure. The sign pocket is fitted with two hanging cords and special hooks that allow it to be to be attached and removed easily at any point on the Z Barrier cord. There is no need to use tie wraps etc. that can lead to litter in the environment and drain blockages.


  • Warning Barriers that are more effective for controlling worksite hazards.
  • Z-Barriers are suited to all industrial applications and are resistant to extreme weather and physical damage.
  • The range includes weather resistant signs, campaign posters and storage bags.
  • Unique double side and night reflective warning pattern
  • Fit precisely and securely where needed
  • Robust, reusable system avoiding waste and environmental pollution